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Sunday School Lesson Plan Worksheets

Jump directly to my new website: Sunday School Lesson Connection.
All the information that's here plus a lot more in a friendly format.

I have never found a Sunday School curriculum that I like so I make my own lessons each week. Far from the "bubblegum" lessons frequently found at your local bookstore, these Youth Group Lesson plans handle serious doctrinal issues in a way that kids can understand. These Christian Sunday School lessons are tailored to the Middle School age group but can be adapted and taught many ways (see my suggestions). Each has been taught and refined several times. Many include activities or games that help drive home the lesson. All include a leaders guide.

These teen Sunday School Lesson Plans are free to use. I'd love to get your feedback (e-mail). If supplies are needed for the lessons I have provided links to sources for those supplies for your convenience. I hope these lessons enhance your Youth Ministry experience.

You Teach Vol. 3 - Physical
From Simply Youth Ministry

You Teach Vol. 3

In this DVD series from the Skit Guys, you'll get more than just funny videos! Along with each clip, you'll find everything you could possibly need to incorporate it into your lesson or message. Perfect for youth groups, small groups, and Sunday school, the study guides, talk outlines, and discussion questions will have your students engaged. (And make life a little easier on you and your leaders!) Use as much or as little as you'd like to help your students connect to the lesson. You Teach Vol. 3 covers everything from relationships to faith to God's will. On this DVD you'll find the following videos and lessons: Needharmony The Parachute Perception vs. Reality Friends Tell Friends Everything The Mourning Booth What Is God's Will You'll also find a BONUS video that can be used in your main church service - for the whole congregation. "Too Deep, Too Soon: A Fool Vents Everything" takes a lighthearted look at what can happen when we talk too much. You'll never have to look far for a relevant lesson anymore! The Skit Guys have given you everything you need in You Teach .

Free Sunday School Lesson Plan Worksheets

Love Machines

Hebrews 5:12-14

Sharing Your Faith


The Beauty Inside

Judging vs Judgmental

The importance of Jesus' Resurrection

Drop the Baggage

A Pattern For Faith

Serving Two Masters

Spotting Counterfeits

What's God up to?

Possessed by The Spirit

Taking His Name

In the hands of the Sovereign Lord

Hero's of the Faith

A New Heaven and Earth

To Date or Not to Date

Families: Getting along.

Spiritual Gifts or Superpowers

Sin Nature and Sins, Infant Salvation

What Does God Sound Like?

What Does God Look Like?

What's God Up to?


What Happens When you Die?

The Bible -A Very Special Book

Bullies of the Bible

Dealing With Bullies


The following articles are available as pdf files. To view or print the pdf files, you will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this software installed, or do not have the latest version, you can download it free from the Adobe site. You may have difficulties viewing these files with versions of Acrobat Reader older than 4.0.

NOTE: These articles are free to use, but cannot, in any form, be altered. For publishing rights see our contact page.

Buckets of Love

Respect The Kids

I was the only man in my daughter's life

Piercing Pre-Teen Armor

Helping Parents Parent



For more Sunday School lesson plans and Youth Group information visit my new website

"Sunday School Lesson Connection"

or by typing into your web browser.

Sunday School Lesson Connection

Other website links for great ideas:

I have picked up a lot of ideas and good information from Group magazine. Click on the magazine cover for a free trial issue.

group magazine


257859: Becoming a Contagious Christian Curriculum Kit: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You
This is the best evangelism tool I've ever used. Someone has come to Christ in every class I've taught.

The kids really like it.

Becoming a Contagious Christian Curriculum Kit: Communicating Your Faith in a Style That Fits You
By Zondervan

Freshly revised and updated! Featuring new footage from Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg---with appearances by fellow apologist and best-selling author Lee Strobel---this 6-session course equips you to effectively share the gospel in a way that "fits" the unique personality God gave you. Set includes leader's guide, participant's guide, two DVDs, PowerPoint CD-ROM, and softcover book.

Best of Skit Guys - Download Best of The Skit Guys  

Click on the book for more information and to purchase.  

Favorite Games:

I am in no way a master game or activity planner, but, I have some favorites that I've picked up over the years.

Click here for the pdf.

A great list of games are free at the website shown below. Click on the image shown here to visit the site.

the source banner

Rent Faith-Friendly Movies Online at

Click Here!  for great resources from Teen Life Ministries

teen life ministries link


Great Snack Suggestions:
Hot Spiced Cider using Aspen Mulling Spices is always a hit on cold winter days.

Cheese. Anything with cheese. Kids crave cheese. Just slice up a block of cheddar. We're growing bones here people!

Click here for the expanded pdf article.

Inspirational Costumes at 

Kids remember the days when I come dressed in a costume.

They also have fun when I pull out robes and other apparel to dress them up like the Bible character we're reading about. I just keep a big basket of stuff to do impromptu acting.  ShinDigz has all kids of good inexpensive accessories.

Fundamental Christian Topsites  

Life Together Starter Pack - Physical

Life Together Starter Pack - Physical

This is the perfect bundle to get your feet wet with the Life Together small group curriculum. If you are thinking about giving this curriculum a try in your ministry, then check out this cost effective starter pack. Bundle includes1 Life Together: Starting book1 Life Together: Connecting book1 Life Together: Growing book1 Life Together: Serving book1 Life Together: Sharing book1

You save $20.94 and get 390 reward points
The Sunday school lesson plans, articles, and Bible lesson handouts listed on this page are unique. They are suitable not only for Sunday school but for your mid-week youth group lesson as well. They are easy to use with minimal preparation. The questions and verses keep you on track even if your brain freezes or the discussion wanders off subject. Each Sunday school Bible lesson is a suitable, challenging topic for teenagers.
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