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200381: Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman"s Soul, revised and expanded Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul, revised and expanded
By John & Stasi Eldredge / Thomas Nelson

When you were a little girl, did you dream of being a beautiful princess? Rescued by a dashing hero? Swept away into a great adventure? In this updated edition, the Eldredge's bring their male and female perspectives to the core desires of a woman and invite you to recover your feminine heart. Paperback.
95470: Celebrating Life: Catching the Thieves That Steal Your Joy Celebrating Life: Catching the Thieves That Steal Your Joy
By Luci Swindoll / NAV Press

For CBD Customers Only:In celebration of Sheila Walsh'snew book Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God, we are pleased to offer an exclusive free downloadof Sheila's book, Living Fearlessly. Don't miss outon this great offer. Download it now by clicking on "Free Download" above!

It may seem that the world is out to get you down. Don't let it! Luci Swindoll's paperback, Celebrating Life, will challenge you to discover the hope and freedom of taking joy in your present, your blessings and even your trials! Without having to "endure" any longer, you can begin celebrating!










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37795: God"s Most Precious Jewels Are Crystallized Tears: True Stories of Women Who Turned Their Misery into Ministry God's Most Precious Jewels Are Crystallized Tears: True Stories of Women Who Turned Their Misery into Ministry
By Barbara Johnson / Thomas Nelson

Imagine if your tears turned to diamonds before they hit the ground! Well, in a way they do, as you'll discover in these encouraging stories of 14 extraordinary women (including the author!) who journeyed through incredible hardship to become sparkling jewels of joy. Woven throughout are accounts about real gemstones---their creation and traditional meaning. 176 pages, softcover from Nelson.
345536: Managing God"s Money: A Biblical Guide Managing God's Money: A Biblical Guide
By Randy Alcorn / Tyndale House

Money is often a taboo subject in "polite" society. But did you know that Jesus talked about money more than any subject---including heaven and hell? In this easy-to-follow Q&A version of Money, Possessions & Eternity, Alcorn deals with materialism, stewardship, prosperity theology, debt, and more---and challeges you to rethink your use of God-given resources. 224 pages, softcover from Tyndale.
366661: God Wins God Wins
By Mark Galli / Tyndale House

Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, has generated a national conversation about ultimate issues, such as the nature of hell, heaven, and the destiny of humankind. Yet, the book has also created unnecessary confusion. God Wins is a response to the provocative questions Love Wins has raised. Mark Galli explores the important questions that are left unasked and the issues left uncharted. Mark shows how Love Wins is not enough-and there is even better news for our world. God Wins will have a small group discussion guide with relevant Scripture passages in the back of the book.
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