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Welcome to Coconut Mountain, a Christian ministry devoted to knowing, loving, and serving God through writing, teaching, and speaking.

Youth Ministry is Kevin's specialty; a gift he discovered while grieving the accidental death of our teenage daughter, Catherine.

Rachel passionately shares how God loves, guides, and speaks to us through His Word.

We invite you to join us on the journey between here and heaven, giving all the glory to God as we share our experience, strength, and hope, and having a little fun in the process!

Helping Parents Parent

Practical Tips To Help Grieving Parents


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294031: God"s Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours God's Story, Your Story: When His Becomes Yours
By Max Lucado / Zondervan

Do you long for meaning-to know that your life has purpose beyond what is seen in the day to day? On the surface, life can seem like a disconnected string of events. One day you're celebrating the birth of a child, the next you're mourning the passing of a beloved grandparent. At times, we soar with victory and at others, we languish defeat. Is there a through-line to the ups and downs of life? Max Lucado uses the structure of the New Testament as a guide in God's Story, Your Story, and weaves together Biblical and personal stories. In order to understand our own personal place in the cosmos, Lucado offers us a change of perspective-the opportunity to see beyond the microcosms of our own lives, into our place among the greater whole of God's work.

Rachel OphoffA writer, teacher, and speaker, Rachel Ophoff shows the power of "The Word" and a living relationship which can be applied to everyday situations bringing hope and joy in the midst of despair.

Rachel's devotional is featured in the May-June 2010 issue of The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide.

Kevin OphoffKevin Ophoff's youth ministry is devoted to the Biblical spiritual growth of adolescent children (Junior and High School age kids). His pages includes downloadable Youth Ministry Lesson Plans, as well as articles for parents and Christian youth ministry Leaders.

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Our daughter Catherine was killed in a snowmobile accident January 23, 2000.
She Catherine Ophoff photowas an awesome fourteen year old with a heart of gold and a deep faith in God. Although tormented at school, she stood up for the underdogs and would accept anyone as a friend. She was diagnosed with ADD at an early age and was a tough kid to raise at first. But using the Love and Logic parenting methods really turned things around. At the time of her death she had tested out of middle school and was doing very well in Bridges High School. She was a whiz at computers and her future looked bright. Click to Catherine's Page to discover how we have dealt with the Grief and Loss of losing this remarkable kid and the parenting skills we learned that preserved our loving parent-child relationship.
Click here for Catherine's page.
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